Davidson G9 guitar preamp

This all-tube preamp is built using a 1940s vintage Columbus radio chassis and cabinet.

The preamp tubes can be ECC81, ECC82 or ECC83 depending on how much gain you want. With both tubes ECC82 the tones are mainly clean, with some distortion at the max gain setting. With both tubes ECC83 it is a very high gain amp with heavy distortion.  Other combinations of tubes give intermediate levels of distortion. 

The gain control covers a wide range of tones from clean to heavy distortion with a great sustain.  The line-out socket connects to any amp or powered speaker, or recording interface. If you have a solid state amp and want to get classic tube tones, this preamp is just the ticket.  It is light to carry and so cool to behold. 

Controls: gain, bass, treble and volume.

Valves:  Two ECC8x double-triode valves (ECC81, ECC82 or ECC83 according to choice)

Output: line-out 6.5mm socket

1 year full warranty.   Full refund if returned within 14 days.    $375