Davidson G8 guitar amp (4-watt)

This 4-watt all-tube amp is built using a vintage 1935 Philco 638 radio chassis and cabinet.   

The amp can be customised by choosing a combination of preamp tubes. The preamp tubes can be ECC81, ECC82 or ECC83 depending on how much gain is wanted. With both tubes ECC82 (low gain) the tones are mainly clean, with some distortion at the max gain setting. With both tubes ECC83 (high gain) it is a very high gain amp with heavy distortion.  With an ECC83 as the first tube and an ECC82 as the second, a wide range of tones from clean to distorted are accessible.  

It has a line-out socket for recording or feeding to a powered speaker, and a headphone output with a speaker mute switch. The 6V6 output valve is switchable between pentode and triode modes. Pentode mode produces more power with a punchy tone. Triode mode gives a more rounded, gentler tone, but less power.

Controls: gain, tone and volume.

Preamp: Two ECC8x double-triode valves (ECC81, ECC82 or ECC83 according to choice)

Output stage: single ended 6V6 

Speaker: Celestion Eight-15, 8-inch, 4 ohms

1 year full warranty. Full refund if returned within 14 days.